Thermalling Validation Training (3 Days Program)

Thermalling Validation Training (3 Days Program)

Thermalling validation (Also known as, Soaring) and Cross-Country (XC) Pilot.

The next phase after completing SIV validation is to increase your skills and techniques. In order to increase your range for XC, you will need the ability to use thermalling skills including analyzing the environment and landscape to stay aloft. Additional skills training and techniques include introduction to top landings, finding and recognizing thermal sources and XC techniques and handling instability and rapid descent.

Thermalling (Soaring) Validation – Three Day Program

Join us for our thermalling validation course. Skill at thermalling is necessary for cross-country flying. Thermalling allows the glider to rise rather than sink. Proper thermalling takes skill and prolongs flight time, both time spent in rising in the uplift and in adding range. Long flights often involve crossing ridges that require proper height and range, too. Learning to center while thermalling and maximizing rate of ascent are important factors that we cover. This entails skill at banked turns and maintaining constant air-speed among other essential factors. In order to successfully complete this program, participantsmust demonstrate the ability to fly 30 km (aerial distance) continuously at one time.
Includes transport, food and lodging (with wi-fi) in our private resort.

Our instructions in thermalling focus on the following and more:

  • How to find thermals and how they form…understanding the landscape and general meteorological conditions
  • Instrumentation and awareness of one’s own position and other traffic
  • We also place a lot of importance on teaching you to gain confidence to fly naturally, without relying on instrumentation…feeling nature and responding to flying as if you are a bird yourself!
  • Improving technique and skill level especially at controlling turns in both directions and maintaining airspeed and airmanship
  • Angle of bank, centering and optimizing climb
  • Low level thermalling conditions and other methods
  • Our Cross-Country Pilot Instruction improves upon the following necessary techniques:
  • When to find thermals and how to find them including spacing and strength of thermals
  • Evaluating conditions of the environment for a successful journey, including wind, clouds, terrain and heat sources, time of day as well as observing other factors such as bird movement and more
  • Where to go, proper approach, direction and air speed

Again, we place a lot of emphasis on teaching you to gain confidence to fly naturally, without relying on instrumentation…feeling nature and responding to flying as if you are a bird yourself!
The next step from here is Advanced XC training which builds upon previous knowledge and experience as well as skill and adds advanced thermalling, navigation, long-distance flying, speed-flying, and more.

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