Sirkot paragliding with Babu Adventure

- Alan Davies, Australia

Avoid the crowded take-offs and house thermal at Sarankot and go to Babu's place in Sirkot. I can highly recommend this, we went for 3 days initially and stayed for 8, flew every day. Nice grassy take-off, 15 minute pleasant walk from Babu's while a jeep takes your kit. In November, lovely soft 2-3 m/s wide thermals up to base for great views of the big mountains. Interesting local XC's always within glide distance of easy landing fields, which was great as I was flying a tandem with my partner so safety is paramount. Keep an eye out for cables though, landing area 2 has a few. Babu's place is chilled, relaxed flying at it's best. Excellent food (don't miss the post flight momo's), great staff. Brilliant place.