BABU Successfully TANDEM Paragliding Flight From Europe Highest Mountain Peak Mt.Elbrus (5642 meters)

BABU Successfully TANDEM Paragliding  Flight  From Europe Highest Mountain Peak Mt.Elbrus (5642 meters)

Paragliding pilot from Nepal  Mr.Sano Babu Sunuwar(33 years old ) has become the first person to conduct tandem paragliding flight from top of the Mt.Elbrus (5,642 meters) in Russia the highest peak in the Europe continent. He achieved the goal on 27th July 2016 (8 am local time).

 Babu has led many adventures : He has 32 river descents on Himalayan feed rivers.Babu was the first person in the world successfully fly cross Nepal by tandem paragliding (832 km aerial distance) in 2010.He was the first person tandem paragliding fly from highest mountain peak  of the world Mt.Everest and kayak to the  zero level west Bagal india(Summit to sea) in 21st May 2011  and  earning National Geographic Adventure of  the year 2012 (Babu and Lakpa).He was the only one person in the world successful  pilot to fly from top of the Africa highest peak “Kilimanjaro ”(Name of the expedition –Wings of Kilimanjaro) in 2013 one of the biggest paragliding expedition in the world. And he was the first Himalayan  paragliding pilot to participate in the Red Bull X-Alps 2013,the world largest extreme adventure race.

While he successfully fly from top of the Mt. Everest then he made a dream  life time achivemnt :Climbing  and tandem  fly from top of the 7 continent highest pick in the world for records/for the life time achivemnt. As per his dream, it was the  third successful achievement  in the  Mt.Elbrus.

The mission brought to  success by supporting/praying from  all of my family members, team members, friends  from all over the world and  special  supporting from  Russian national Natalia Safonova (57 years old).She is a paraglider and she learn paragliding with Babu 1 years ago. During the  paragliding course ,he share the  mission of the life time achivemnt .She is inspire with his mission and she like to help him this Mt.Elbrus mission.And finally they success and she fly as a Babu passenger from top of the Elbrus.That is the first record of tandem paragliding fly from top of the Mt.Elbrus and they fly around 30 meters from the top of the Elbrus.


Important note:

Expedition Duration : From Nepal 18th July 2016 to 2nd August 2016.

Mission achieved date:  27th July 2016 around 8:00 am local time (Russia)

Mt.Elbrus : Situated in Russia (5642 meters)-Europe continent highest peak

Person fly: Pilot-Mr.Sano Babu Sunuwar (33 years-Nepali) And passenger- Natalia Safonoa (57 years old-Russian)

Babu prepare his equipments at home for Mt.Elbrus on 16/04/2016

Babu Ready to move for Mt.Elbrus on 17/04/2016 from Home.

Goverment of Nepal -Minister of culture tourism and civil aviation Mr.Ananda Prasad Pokharel & NEPHA presidint Mr.Rupnarayan Shrestha hand over to BABU stachu of Lord Buddha for Mt.Elbrus on 18.04.2016.

Goverment of Nepal -Minister of culture tourism and civil aviation Mr.Ananda Prasad Pokharel hand over to BABU national flag  for Mt.Elbrus on 18.04.2016

Babu Hiking for Mt.Elbrus on 23/04/2016

View From Top of the Mt.Elbrus on 27/04/2016 around 7:00 am 

Babu Analise weather before fly on 27/04/2016 around 7:30 am  on top of the Mt.Elbrus.

Sano Babu Sunuwar & Russian Nation Natalia flying above the Mt.Elbrus on 27/04/2016 around 8:15 am 

BABU is happy after landing the tandem flight at Mt.Elbrus on 27.04.2016

Sano Babu Sunuwar & Natalia Safoniva taking picture after landing on 27/04/2016

Important Massage from BABU:

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From Mt.Elbrus I am looking  another mission -See you their ASAP...................................

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