This course is for serious pilots continuing the journey to advanced piloting training. Our APPI SIV instructor covers procedures and techniques to get students qualified as SIV Pilots. We expand upon all earlier techniques as needed and procedures for dealing with turbulence, canopy collapse, recovery and dealing with events in the air including rescue procedures. Instruction includes advanced safety measures, controlled collapsing of the wing in stages over water and emergency events and techniques.This program requires access to height above water and therefore, takes place in Pokhara above Fewa Lake. We have a safety boat and two kayaks on site. The course will be filmed and in the evening these video's will be discussed.

What's Included

  • 3 days training (theory and practise) with licensed instructors
  • Boat rescue and emergency team
  • Transport to take-off & pick-up from landing zone

Useful Information

The course will be held in Pokhara, flying from Sarangkot hill and practicing the SIV manoeuvers above Fewa lake. Food and accomodation are not included in the course. There are plenty of options for accomodation and food in Pokhara suitable for any budget.


All class training and flight training session timings are subject to weather conditions and conditions on the ground. Timing may be adjusted by the instructor to suit conditions of the day.