Social Responsibility

The Babu Adventures Group is dedicated to our customers, the environment and the communities wherever we operate. The people, places and effects of our actions are at the heart of every decision we make and every action we take regarding our course, treks, tours, and leisure and adventure activities in Nepal and beyond. We continually search for ways to improve through guest evaluation and feedback and we are always seeking ways to lessen any environmental footprint we make while meeting the travelers’ needs in majestic Nepal. We commit ourselves to engaging with each and every community along the way to make a positive impact and to responsibly conserve precious natural resources during our travels. Preservation of Nepal’s natural and cultural heritage by sustainable, responsible actions and travel plans is nothing but the right thing to do and we aim to do it. Beyond the environmental considerations, The Babu Adventures Group respects and welcomes differences in culture, lifestyles and individuality. Working together as a bridge between communities and travelers we actively look forward to sharing the best of Nepal with all of our visitors, and the best of our visitors with Nepal for the benefit and inspiration of every person involved. The Babu Adventures Group chooses to make a positive difference for both the travelers and community—an aim that makes all the difference in the travel industry!

Our Specific Pledges to Social Responsibility include the following and more:

  • The Babu Adventures Group is dedicated to enhancing the living conditions of its personnel, especially through education by providing a portion of profits towards tuition and schooling fees for the children of our staff.

  • The Babu Adventures Group offers 5% of profit to the benefit of the local community, specifically lower income and less fortunate families in the communities where we operate and especially for educational opportunities for the youth in those families.

  • Students supported by The Babu Adventures Group receive assistance with tuition and fees, school supplies, school and extracurricular clothing and gear, and allowances for school meals. The education of the next generation is our future and we aim to support it.

  • Waterworks construction in areas with chronic water shortages that lead to food security problems. We devote ourselves to supplying the waterworks construction in rural areas where the need is greatest.