Cross country (XC) flying is inspiring and adventurous. In its simplest form, you fly from one place to another. During this course the students will learn how to do long distance flight both with theory classes to learn more about thermals, local and general climate, emergency procedures, flight planning and flying techniques and radio guidance.


  • Minimum age: 18 
  • Proof of insurance (worldwide coverage): medical / search and rescue / 3rd person liability 
  • Valid beginners course license
  • 100h logged air time
  • Valid SIV course certificate
  • Wing: minimum EN-B

What's Included

  • 5 days training (theory and practise) with licensed instructor(s)
  • Transport from/to Pokhara
  • Transport to take-off & pick-up from landing zone
  • Retreive
  • Accommodation (shared or single room)
  • Basic food (3 meals a day)
  • Unlimited coffee/tea
  • Flying permit

Useful Information


* Theoretical Session (7am - 10am)
* Practical Session (11am - 4pm)

Food and Accomondation

The Babu Adventures International School/Resort is located in Sirkot (3 hours from Pokhara), offering magnificent sunrises on the snowy peaks at the northern border of Nepal. We provide full board accommodation (both shared and single rooms), which includes 3 meals a day (with options for vegetarians). Our resort is like a nest in the mountains, where you will be able to relax and rejuvenate mind, body and spirit. Meals and snacks are prepared by our skilled cooks and the evening offers all the sounds of nature with the heavenly stars shining overhead.


On the first day of the course we will drive together from Pokhara to our resort in Sirkot. During the course the jeep will drop you at the take-off and pick you up from our landing zone, to bring you back to The Babu Adventures International School/Resort. On the last day of the course our driver will bring you back to Pokhara.


All class training and flight training session timings are subject to weather conditions and conditions on the ground. Timing may be adjusted by the instructor to suit conditions of the day.