Why Travel with The Babu Adventures

At The Babu Adventures International School, we are a skilled team of adventure lovers and pilots. We strongly believe that teamwork and effort is the foundation of success and guest satisfaction. We are led by the attitude of all for one and one for all. In other words, we always look out for one another and share the best of what we have and encourage others to bring out their best. We feel blessed to live in the Himalaya’s and to have the chance to share it with visitors. 

All crew are essential to the success of our company.

We are proud of our client’s enjoyment and satisfaction. We have many years of combined experience and skills ready for your upcoming exploration and adventure in Nepal’s enchanting lands and attractions.

The Babu Adventures International School upholds the highest safety standards and our guides and specialists are selected for experience and leadership qualities and prepared for challenges, even in remote areas and difficult situations. Our crew of experienced experts will ensure that your travels are safe and enjoyable. All members of the team receive insurance, appropriate apparel and gear, and receive a salary above industry standard.

We will have your interests as top priority as we take care of you on your lifetime adventure in the Himalaya!