Sano Babu Sunuwar

I am Sano Babu, a Nepalese adventurer. Some people call me crazy, but I just have different kinds of limits and expectations of life. I have an urge to explore the extreme of our nature.

After 12 years of school in my small village far away from roads, cities, electricities and other modern commodities, I left to find out how to become a kayaker. I had seen many rafts and kayaks passing by on the Sun Kosi river, not far from my home. My first ever trip to Kathmandu was a shock, it was a crazy experience seeing vehicles and masses of people, and not a raft in sight. I stayed to make some money on weird odd jobs and eventually some months later, I arrived in Pokhara the town that has become the home of my small family. It was here that my adventure career started.

For the past fifteen years I have been seeking and excelling at adventures in the Himalaya. I have traveled the world, encountered many people, experienced different cultures and ways of life and I have been emerged in a unique, global perspective. Together with my team of passionated specialist in a wide range of extreme adventures, we have grown to know what adventurous people like and we can provide the best of Nepal, adapted to your travel schedule. We aim to be your one-stop place for exploration in Nepal.

The Babu Adventures Group is dedicated to provide high standards of professional excellence and we consider your satisfaction at all levels as the main focus. We observe international standards while guiding you into the natural and cultural treasures of my country. Nepal has everything from jungle lowlands to the highest peaks on the planet, and we guide you to an experience of wide-ranging eco-diversity and diverse lifestyles and traditions. Over the years, The Babu Adventures Group has earned the respect and trust of our clients and the communities wherever we operate.

Contact us anytime. We are ready and excited to put together the best package to suit your travel needs and Himalayan ambitions. Your adventure will be guided by myself, or one of our adventure specialists. We will take care of all the necessary details to ensure your safety, comfort and pleasure as you enjoy a journey in the magnificent attractions of Nepal’s Himalaya.

We look forward to experience unforgettable adventures and exploring the treasures of Nepal with you.

I hope to see you soon!
Sano Babu Sunuwar