Acro (acrobatic) is about pure glider control, it is the art of pulling tricks and stunts with you wing. After this course you will be able to pull manoeuvres regarding to your level, skills and progression. Every student will follow a personal learning path depending on their strenghts and weakness.


  • Minimum age: 18 
  • Proof of insurance (worldwide coverage): medical / search and rescue / 3rd person liability 
  • Completed the Beginners Course (P3-level), SIV course (basic & advanced)
  • Minimum 100 flights
  • Glider: EN-A or EN-B (freestyle)
  • Note: no cocoon harness

What's Included

  • 3 days training (theory and practise) with licensed instructors
  • Boat rescue and emergency team
  • Transport to take-off & pick-up from landing zone

Exercices description:

Every exercise is video recorded. At the end of the day, the instructor analyses the videos with the group to show each students how they performed the exercises and how to improve.

Spiral dive
Pronounced 360 turns with the leading edge of the canopy facing downward (earth). Induced by applying pressure on one side of the break line and keep turning until the wing dives.

Full stall
Stalling the wing, the wing does not fly anymore. Induced by pulling symmetrically the break lines until reaching the stall point.

Series of dynamic turns, whilst the pilot swings “over the wing”. Induced by precise break input and body weight shift.

Kind of spiral wherein the center of the rotation is between the glider and the pilot.The axle of the rotation is steep (could be around 135 degrees), so the pilot swings above and under the level of the glider

Asymmetric spiral
Similar to a wing over but only to one side. Induced by break input and body weight shift.

Dynamic full stall from wing over
Full stall performed in a dynamic movement created after performing wing over.

Looping (from asymmetric spiral)
The pilot passes above the middle of the canopy

Asymmetric SAT
SAT with a steeper axis of rotation is steep (around 135 degrees), so the pilot swings above and under the level of the glider.

Controlled spin, whilst the glider is totally open the wing is in a stable turn (like the rotor of an helicopter) above the pilot’s head.

Mac twist
Negative spin from a dynamic movement and exit in a full stall.

Misty flip
Perfectly controlled 360 degree spin of the glider with high forward pitch exit.

Useful Information

The course will be held in Pokhara, flying from Sarangkot hill and practicing the SIV manoeuvers above Fewa lake. Food and accomodation are not included in the course. There are plenty of options for accomodation and food in Pokhara suitable for any budget.


All class training and flight training session timings are subject to weather conditions and conditions on the ground. Timing may be adjusted by the instructor to suit conditions of the day.