Red Bull X-Alps | Thank You

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  • Sep 1, 2014

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I would like to take a moment to thank all my supporters, friends, pilots and everybody else who helped me to be part of the RedBull X-Alps 2013 race! Without the support from you, it wouldn´t be possible, you are the one who made it possible! I´m very thankful to have joined the Red Bull X-Alps race.

This was my first time competing - but I hope that it wasn´t my last time. I have had a great time, learned a lot of new things (value of time, food, water and unlimited pain in my legs), I made some mistakes and wrong decisions - and gained a lot of experience out of it. But I now know how to be better prepared and the things that are really important for the Red Bull X-alps race: e.g. need to train more running, learn more about flying in the alps and about weather conditions, as well as navigation & use of flying instruments (all those things which I never needed to use in the past). Red Bull X-Alps was a tough race, my legs and my body were in lots of pain and felt almost disconnected from my body. But I´m very motivated and look forward to go further in the next Red Bull X-Alps race. My full respect for all the other athletes - and I hope to see all of them and some of you in Monaco for the final celebration.

Adventure will continue throughout my whole life, my life is adventure and anything is possible!

Generous donations from countless supporters made this dream possible:
Thanks goes to:

Nepal Air-sports Association, Niviuk, SupAir, APPI, Black Diamond, XC-mag

Ram Pandy, Sikkim Paragliding Association, Om Rockband, Busy Bee Café, Dependhra Sherestha - Annapurna FM, Nagarik Dainik, David Arrufat, Dave Hanning, Brad Sanders, Bijaya Gurung Pizzahouse Pokhara, All Paragliding Companies Of Nepal

Cookie, Richard Tan, Ma Chiu Kit, Li Ho, Wong Lai Wan Sylvian, Lai Wai, Katherine Choi, Kong Wing Chui, Mr. Beijing, Patrick Troubet, Josef Beneš, Sepp Gruber, Andrew Gough, Jamie Goodridge, Govinda Bahadur Rana, Frank and Lesley Milton, msr, Espen Prestbakmo, Attila Monostori, Andras Haasz, William, Doris Antonia Egli, Armand Dard, Michi, Evelyn Hatzenbichler, Christian Lichtenegger, Massimiliano Vezzoli, Angel Rivera, David Goldsmith, Laszlo Szoke, Hugh Miller, Peter Bartok, David Molden, Josua Roffler, Pete Gallagher and Anne Kelly (Sunsoar Paragliding), Leontien, Ludwig Noack, Kazuhiro Yagi, Roman Weiss, Tim James, Anne, Tim Pentreath, bzed, Csaba Szilagyi, David Rol, Satya, Harry Siempelkamp, ludovic massoc, Alexis Moulia, Ralf, Sara (on behalf of Team Paraventure), Mircea Szumilas, niallharvey, JDMUNICH, Duncan - Team Paraventure, Abhijeet Arun Harolikar, Gyles, Maaike, Kevin Craig, Victoria Kirsten, Team Paraventure, Siddharth Sharma / Ian Brooks / Richard / Dylan D , Pembrokeshire Paragliding, Andreas Donner, Lee Thomas, Indus Paragliding India, Paraworth Paragliding.

Ofcourse also to all paragliding pilots from Nepal and foreign tandem pilots who've supported me in my dream.
…and countless other supporters who have helped to make “Anything Possible”

I believe that without adventure, we don't feel the real life.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!